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db4elle May 8, 2009 21:09

Gluing Meshes Help
Hey everyone!

I am working on a 2D simulation of a vertical axis wind turbine. The domain consists of a large stationary domain (a.k.a wind tunnel), and a smaller rotating domain (a.k.a. this domain contains the turbine blades). Since there are 3 blades, and this domain is axisymmetric, I have decided to mesh a geometry which is essentially a third of the rotational domain. A 'pie slice' essentially. In cfx pre, I can copy this mesh two times and have a complete round domain.

Instead of using a domain interface, I wanted to glue the adjacent domains together - there is an option for this in cfx pre. It requires the faces of the adjacent meshes to have identical node locations (identical mesh structures).

Since I'm only meshing a 'pie slice', my question is: can I specify, in CFX Mesh, a sort of 'symmetry' constraint which would put an identical number of nodes on one face as the other so that when they are copied and glued together they match up?

I should mention that for Meshing Strategy I'm using 'Extruded 2D mesh', but that seems to only allow for one set of periodic pairs (the top surface of my 'pie slice' and the bottom surface of the 'pie slice' make up the 2D periodic pairs) and therefore I cannot specify additional periodicity.

Your help is much appreciated.

Jules May 15, 2009 19:26

sorry, is CFX Mesh = ICEM?
In icem you can specify the precise node spacing on every edge, so it shouldn't be a problem there. If CFX mesh is something else, I'm afraid I can't help you.

Best wishes,

db4elle May 15, 2009 19:42

No, ICEM isn't the same as CFX Mesh. CFX Mesh is a component of Ansys Workbench, unfortunately, I haven't got ICEM at my disposal; I hear it is much better for pre-processing.

I did however figure out my problem! By applying the same edge spacing to both edges of the 'pie slice', I was able to obtain the same nodes on both edges. This way, when I go to 'glue adjacent meshes' in CFX-Pre, the result is a 'merged mesh'!

Thanks for your help though Jules!

Jules May 15, 2009 20:18

You're welcome!

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