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peterlee May 13, 2009 21:30

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hi everyone

I'm meshing with Ansys ICEM CFD,and want to create prism layers.However,the software send me a wrong message showed as "figure 1".And this problem occured when I picked "Create prism layers" which is showed in figure 2,and if don't select it the problem dissmiss.


PSYMN May 14, 2009 14:10

Just update your software or license or both to 12.0
This suggests that you do not have a license for ICEM CFD Prism (aiprism feature) But you have ICEM CFD Tetra.

I am assuming that you have the AI*Environment version of ICEM CFD (aienv key). This was intended for FEA customers who would not need prism.

At the latest release, 12.0, they have decided to make the tools physics neutral and are including prism capabilities with this product also (now just called ICEM CFD).

So, the fix is to contact your sales person and get the 12.0 license for use with your current 11.0 or older product, or just download ICEM CFD 12.0 so you can use prism with your aienv key.

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