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realanony87 May 14, 2009 12:28

Curved triangle elements
I am trying to mesh a 3-D wing using the Robust Octree approach.
The problem I have is the elements near the leading edge of the wing are straight and therefore do not capture the geometry of the wing like when I create a mesh with ICEM hexa. Is there a way to make the tetras curved as to fit on the geometry exactly =?

PSYMN May 15, 2009 09:45

Curved elements are “quadratic”. You can convert linear to quadratic using “Edit Mesh => Convert Mesh Type => Create Mid Side Nodes”

However, be sure that your solver accepts “curved” elements.

Instead, you may want to simply put smaller mesh in these areas. This can be done with a surface mesh parameter, or with curvature based refinement.

Others prefer to map the mesh along the wings with one of the other ICEM CFD meshing algorithms such as Hexa or MultiZone…

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