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realanony87 May 15, 2009 12:34

ICEM multizone Error
I am trying to follow the multizone procedure to make a mesh of 3D wing

First I create topology
Then I initialize the 2D blockiing over all surfaces
Then when I try to convert 2d to 3d I get the message
Some blocks not marked error orienting blocks.

Does anyone have an idea what does this mean exactly ? I followed the same procedure but with a simple cylinder instead of a wing and it works perfectly.

PSYMN May 17, 2009 16:37

Interested in figuring it out

MultiZone is still farily new, but has had a lot of improvments at 12.0. (recent release end of April). What version are you using?

There are still certain configurations that it has trouble with, such as overlapping corners that have no normal direction at the intersection point or very sharp trailing edges (again trouble figuring out the normals).

I am interested in helping you figure this out.

Is your model generic enought that you could send it to me? (along with mesh parameters (size, number of layers, etc).


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