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vajiheh May 19, 2009 13:04

export .db mesh from ansys to gambit
I have received a mesh database file in .db format. and I need to import it to gambit. can anyone tell me how to save the mesh and export it so that it is readable in gambit?


triple_r June 2, 2009 22:09


Do you have access to ANSYS? If yes then you can open the .db file in ANSYS (I am assuming that the .db file is an ANSYS database, if not please correct me) then you can write a .cdb file using the CDWRITE command (or preprocessor > archive model > write from the side menu - I am not sure about the exact path since I don't have ANSYS here with me - using the GUI you can see the other options for export apart from .cdb).

You can import .cdb files in gambit and/or fluent, as far as I know.

I hope this helps.

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