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shankara.2 May 21, 2009 18:13

Solid-fluid Interface question
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I am trying to solve for conjugate heat transfer on a solid coupon with film cooling holes. My geometry is shown below:
Attachment 330Attachment 330
The purple outline is my solid with film cooling holes. I believe there are 5 INTERFACE faces here. The top and bottom faces of my solid and the 3 circumferential faces of my film cooling holes. All Interface faces are just single faces shared by both solid and fluid volumes. I meshed these faces first and used a size function to grow from these faces into the solid and fluid volumes. How do I specify the Interface in GAMBIT? I tried the following 2 methods but I'm not sure which one is correct.
1) Assign WALL BC for all 5 Interface faces, export mesh to FLUENT. Once I did this, FLUENT created a shadow zone for each of these faces. Here's my problem. I can see the face and its shadow listed in the BC panel but they are not listed in the Grid Interface panel. How do I specify COUPLED option for the face and its shadow? The BC panel shows all options for the shadow face and only the Momentum tab enabled for the original face.
2) I assigned INTERFACE BC in GAMBIT for all 5 faces with solid on one side and fluid on other. Now I can see these faces listed in the GRID INTERFACE panel but there are no shadow zones created. Also the Grid Check failed with the message 'Unassigned interface zone detected'.

Please let me know how to work around this problem.



satyendra September 14, 2011 12:47

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satyendra September 14, 2011 12:49

hi prashanth,

i am facing exactly the same problem. have u been able to solve this problem?..


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