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lost.identity May 27, 2009 05:55

Finding the smallest mesh size

Is there anyway to find the smallest axial length of a mesh in ICEM?

When I click the edge parameters it does show the maximum spacing along the edge but I really want to know is the smallest axial length of a mesh.

PSYMN May 28, 2009 07:05


Usually the Side 1 and Side 2 are the smallest size on an edge...

If you mean you want to find the smallest edge of all you unstructured elements, then go to Edit Mesh => Display mesh Quality, and select the Min Size 2 criterion... You will get a histogram of min edge sizes (min size per element), but it is not really axial...

If this isn't quite what you want, please refine your question...

lost.identity May 28, 2009 07:26


Thanks for the reply and apologies for the vague question.

What I want is to find the smallest grid node spacing along a particular direction (for example in x-axis direction).

The spacing might not lie on an edge, and the second method you mentioned will give the smallest element in the whole mesh, whereas I want to find the smallest length in x direction.

PSYMN May 28, 2009 15:26

X Size
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Oh, I know what you need… not edge length but min dimension in X, Y or Z for each element plotted in a histogram or by color…

Go to “Edit Mesh => Display Mesh Quality” or “Blocking => Pre-Mesh Quality histograms” and set the Criterion to “X Size” or “Y Size” or “Z Size”.

Be sure to set the mesh types so that it isn’t looking at the quads or lines (those may have zero size in some directions).

Apply and you will get a histogram… You can click on columns in the histogram to see where the smallest elements are in that direction. In my case (attached image), I have colored the cut plane by this quality criterion…

sivarama1 May 30, 2009 03:38

2Dairfoil balde in gambit
I am having trouble meshing 2D boundary layers in Gambit. The geometry I am working with is the wind airfoil. I have flow inlet and outlet, and inlet/outlet is planar and roughly rectangular. The entire geometry is a sort of rectangular shaped outer airfoil. I can create but when I use the "View 2D Boundary Layer" tool in Gambit, my boundary layers will not even appear in the selection list and cannot be added by shift-left-clicking on them. Does anyone know why they cannot be added to the list?

PSYMN May 31, 2009 22:39

Gambit Thread...
I think you should start a new thread for this Gambit question... It will get less attention at the end of this thread...

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