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Aleksander June 1, 2009 14:59

imprint face in gambit

i have the following problem:

In gambit, i create a face and, inside it, another face. After meshing, applaying zones and exporting mesh (2d) to fluent, i get two zones. One zone is fluid, other one is solid. In fluent, the source terms are enabled in solid and energy equation is turned on.

The problem is that when i iterate, whe wall between solid and fluid prevents the heat flux.

What is the correct approach to solve this problem. Is this a setting in fluent or in gambit.

In ansys 12, everything works if in design modeler i imprint a solid face on a face of fluid, and this works good in fluent. I must use gambit, but i do not know how to do a face imprint or similar operation.

Please help :)

kdrbrk June 4, 2009 15:05

for geometry creation, i think gambit is not a good idea.
I use CATIA for geometry creation (I use 3d solid models).

If you can, create geometry with other softwares, save as .igs(for 2d) or .step(for 3d). Then import it to gambit.

Aleksander June 5, 2009 01:14

Thanks, i have tried pro/e and ansys DM, and it works. The thing is i will use gambit because of easy scripting.

Anyway, i have tried a couple of options in gambit and the following worked: first i created edges and then faces from those edges. When face share common edge, fluent aut. creates shadow wall coupled boundary...

Previously, i created one face and in it, another face. Doing things this way does not work in fluent (no aut. shadow wall coupled boundary condition), i do not see why. Maybe because faces overlap? Should i split, merge or some other operation to make it work this way?

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