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diseler June 1, 2009 19:22

surface missing in ICEM. HElP!
I have a very complicated Proe geometry file. In order to mesh this geometry. I first saved a copy of step file in proe. Then I opened ICEM and imported this step file. Then I found some surfaces were missing. Can anyone give me suggestion on this issue? Thank you so much in advance!

PSYMN June 3, 2009 09:51

Step and IGES are the worst formats because they have such loose standards… Do you have the ICEM CFD Pro/E reader? That would be your cleanest option.

If not, can you export in ACIS format or even STL? If you have Design Modeler, you also have Parasolid import capability into ICEM CFD. You would also have the option of importing it into DM and then saving the DM file for ICEM CFD…

Pretty much anything is better than STEP or IGES.

If you are completly out of choices or got this Step file "over the wall", you could use the surface repair tools in ICEM CFD to replace the missing surfaces...

diseler June 3, 2009 13:07

Thank you. But It doesn't work. I still have a lot of holes in my Icem. Does this mean there is not a best way to removes all the problems and I have to close holes manually in Icem for some complicated geometry?

PSYMN June 3, 2009 14:57

What doesn't work? Do you mean you tried it in other formats and those surfaces are still missing?

If so, you may want to look at your original model and make sure it is in good shape... If a surface fails to translate with several different methods, it is more logical to check the source then the translators...

But otherwise yes, if you got a poor model and it has holes and you can't get a model without holes, then you will need to repair the geometry using the ICEM CFD geometry tools. It shouldn't be too bad...


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