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pepepepe1999 June 10, 2009 10:59

3D mesh refinement
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I want to produce all hexa stractural conformal mesh model with 3D transitional refinement like attached pictures.
Whick mesher do you recommend to make this kind of model?
And which function should I use?

I tried to make this refinement mesh with ICEM CFD mesher's funtion "Refinement". but 3D refinement did not work well. (2D surface refinement is OK.)

Thank you.

PSYMN June 12, 2009 12:47

ICEM CFD Worked for me...
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ICEM CFD worked for me...

I used 3 to one refinement in Hexa blocking, then I wrote out an unstructured mesh, used Merge nodes => Merge Meshes => Resolve refinements => Standard.

If your refinement is strange in some way, perhaps you need to use one of the non standard options such as "Allow unstable patterns"?

PSYMN June 12, 2009 12:49

One other option is to use Ogrids instead of refinement to actually create the blocking the way you want it... I often do that if I want the step down to happen over a greater distance.

pepepepe1999 June 19, 2009 12:16

Thank you
Thank you for your reply!

I tried to make refined mesh through the method shown above, and the method worked well.

My mistake is that I didn't use 3 to 1 refinement command and tried to merge two individual blocks by Merge Meshes command.

wtyeh July 9, 2009 09:45

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I have the same problem with Cartesian Body fit mesh.

I used 3-1 mesh in BFCart mesh, but refinement did not work.

How do I get the 3-1 refinement in BFCart mesh or which option I should use?


PSYMN July 10, 2009 17:29

Doesn't work well
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On the Global Params DEZ you can the refinement type to 3 to 1. I usually use uniform or 2 to 1 refinement, but I always leave the “Resolve refinement” option off and actually had to test it here so I could remember exactly what it did.

In this case, I tried it two ways, first under Edit Mesh => Merge nodes =>Merge meshes, you can “resolve refinements”, but I did not find it worked correctly for my case. You can also chose to “resolve refinement” directly within the Global Params settings for BFCart, but that put in a wide band of tetras to handle the transition (instead of the CGrids that I wanted). Clearly this function needs some work.

Mainly BFCart is for FEA at this time, although I hope it can be expanded to handle CFD well in the future.

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