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Forrest June 11, 2009 16:21

high oscillation warning??
I've been meshing a pipe that has some rectangular orifices along its span. My initial cell heights in the orifices is 0.001 (to give a good y+ number). When I save my mesh, I get the following warning:


WARN: The computation on edge v_edge.242, that is define on face v_face.82
results in too high oscilation of edge from a line.
It would be advisable not to create/use such an edge
Are my edge mesh nodes getting jumbled up where I have the really small cell heights? Is there something I can change in GAMBIT, tolerances maybe, to correct this issue? Thanks in advance.

-mAx- June 15, 2009 06:48

It's just a warning, if your mesh isn't disturbed, then ignore it.
Try to mesh the surface which is attached to this edge, and observe if you have something weird

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