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Oli June 16, 2009 09:19

Line Control in Ansys Meshing

I am looking for something in Ansys Meshing that is similar to the "Line Control" in CFX-Mesh (i.e. specify two points in space with difference spacings, and it interpolates along the line connecting them).

The problem is that I have a jet discharging into free space and I need to refine an area that is not aligned with any geometry.

What is the best way to do that in Ansys Meshing (I am using V12.0.1)?.



PSYMN June 17, 2009 15:10

Region of influence
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Perhaps a CFX mesh user has a better migration strategy, but here are two ideas.

You could use “sphere of influence” (look it up in the help). You can string these together to create a wake region…

Or better yet, try the “region of influence”, new at 12.0. This essentially lets you use another geometry of any shape to control the refinement within your primary volume.

The attached image shows how it works. The red parallelogram is not “meshed” but rather used to control the maximum size in the wake region.

Oli June 17, 2009 15:27

Thanks - it doesn't seem like I can do a graded line control but the region of influence technique might be fine. Many thanks for pointing this out.

I wonder if you could help me out with one more thing. I have created several "named selections" and I would like to put inflation layers on a number of them. The problem is that when I right click Mesh and select Insert > Inflation, it asks me for both a Scope (I put in the named selection, which comprises the faces I want) but it also asks me for a Boundary. The way around it is to select the body and then the faces that you want, but this seems extremely arduous, when I have the faces already grouped in the named selection.

Am I missing a trick?


PSYMN November 14, 2010 22:48

At first, it wants the body that the prisms will go into... then later, when it asks for the boundary, you can select the named selection from the model tree...

But yes, there is an easier way... Instead of inserting this method, you can just left click on the mesh branch... down in the details panel you will see a section about "+Inflation". Expand that and look at the first option... You can select which parts are inflated right there...

Actually there is also a program controlled option so you don't even need to select the prism parts for a named selection... Most people just want the named selections for the inlet and outlet and maybe symmetry plane... These are usually very easy to select. The other surfaces are all just walls and all need inflation. If you setup named selections this way (don't bother with the selecting the walls) and then set inflation to program controlled, it will automatically just put prisms on all the walls without named selections...

ATOTA November 17, 2010 16:35


I am in a need to use 'region of influence'. Could you you tell me if Ansys meshing 12.1 has that option and how to use/enable that option?


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