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jopawipr June 16, 2009 09:23

parallel Edges
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Hey, this is Johannes.
I'm a greenhorn in icem cfd, but I'm trying to learn it and I'm happy about every answer!

My problem is, that icem recognize some edges as parallel and some not. Cause of this, it connects the wrong nodes.
I'm running icem version 12.0.1 and try to make a hexa mesh.

Thank you very much for any help!!


P.S. If you wish, i could send you the geometry file

xamo June 17, 2009 07:36


it looks like there went something wrong merging some blocks.
Just do some additional splits in the blocking the bad region to find the mistake. Perhaps you have to delete the bad block and built it new.


PSYMN June 17, 2009 14:51

Think in terms of blocking topology, not geometry...
Yes, I agree with Xamo,

To prevent this sort of problem in future, you need to think more about the topology of the geometry rather than trying to block it as it lays and then merging away verts until it fits.

In this case, your blocking is a simple T-Pipe with a collapsed tipů You should only need to merge a single node pair right at the very end. Everything else should just be to split out that simple shape, delete the blocks that are not part of the topology and then fit (associate) the blocking to the geometry.

PSYMN June 17, 2009 14:51

2D Surface blocking option...
If you have surfaces for this 2D geometry, One other thing you might try is to automate the meshing using the 2D surface blocking option. Set it to mostly mapped and see what happens.

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