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parvez2683 June 18, 2009 22:15

NACA0012 meshing problem
HI friends,
I am new to the gambit. I am trying to mesh NACA0012 with chord length of 2.My farfields are 50C from the airfoil. I have followed the cornell tutorials. Everything goes well except the last part when I am trying to mesh the airfoil face its giving negative area(mesh is going inside the airfoil) and skewness >98.
I am using MAP scheme to mesh the face.
If you want I can send the dbs file.

-mAx- June 19, 2009 00:54

post a picture of your issue, with a zoom in your issue.
If you enable the shade-option, is the interior of the airfoil also shaded?

parvez2683 June 23, 2009 23:49

meshing problem in NACA0012
1 Attachment(s)
I have attached the zoomed in(shaded) file of my problem.
After Using shade option it shades only the outer part not the inside of the airfoil.

-mAx- June 24, 2009 00:46

Try to split the outer surface along the x(x<0) axis.
And remesh both surfaces, it should help

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