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sivaraja June 18, 2009 23:28

error meshing edges

I am using ICEM-CFD for making geometry and meshing.It is giving an error as "error in meshing edges".but i can able to finish the meshing.Will this error message have any influence while running in Fluent??.
How to rectify this???????? or final check in ICEM......

While running this mesh in Fluent some divergence is detected in AMG solver. Is this due to the meshing error shown in ICEM-CFD???

expecting a solution..........................



PSYMN June 19, 2009 10:09

Run mesh checks to be sure.
Run thru Edit Mesh => Check Mesh and also check Quality... if you pass, you should be fine from a mesh point of view.

If the error were serious (such as missing edges on a 2D model), you would get an error message as soon as you got into Fluent (null pointer error I think). Fluent checks the mesh before you run it to make sure it has complete perimeters for bocos, and the mesh passes minimum requirements. It will warn you if it doesnt.

However, you can still get divergence for poor mesh quality in a critical area or bad bocos, or perhaps you need to add something like an extenstion to the outlet pipe to prevent recirculation or other problems.

I dont' think that "meshing edges" error is your problem.

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