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brissyben June 24, 2009 23:29

Steps to create a quater O grid or Y grid
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Was wondering if anyone could inform me if I am creating my Y grid correctly as I am getting a non manifold node error when I try to create the boundary layer.

For a background to the project/issue have a look at this discussion

These errors may be the errors PSYM was referring to at the end of the above thread.

Steps used

1. Delete triangular block inside fin (appendage)
2. Create a new block from
Create block - From vertices/faces and a select quarter o grid.
3. I then select the 6 vertices in shown in the attachment
4. The Y grid is then created.

I continue this for the fwd and aft sections of all appendages and also for blocks through the Fairfield.

Could some on please tell me if this is the correct method and or if am missing a step.

Is there a way to create y grids without deleting the existing blocks?

Any help would be very helpful.


brissyben June 29, 2009 00:59

i got it to work, i needed to extend the y grid into the block below the fin to allow the boundary layer to be generated

PSYMN June 29, 2009 13:33

Right, you need to continue the new topology right out of the model in both directions.

As for another way to do it, yes, you could split you way to success. The process would involve a series of splits and merge blocks, followed by a collapse blocks to pinch the merge all the way out the model.

There are pro's and cons to each way, but the way you did it is a little more straight forward and not as easy to mess up.

Best regards,


Far April 12, 2012 05:46

Some details are also discussed in this thread.

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