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Belisarith July 6, 2009 05:46

Periodicity Problems
i am trying to create a periodic mesh hexcore mesh with prisms.
When creating the tretra mesh first, no periodic problems occur. But after introducing prisms the periodicity is disturbed. Only 7 cells out of 1 million, but Fluent wont work with this seven cells.
Can anybody help me?

PSYMN July 7, 2009 10:26

non periodic part names.
What tool are you using?

If it is ICEM CFD, the nodes may be aligned, but the parts different (since part inheritance is not controlled by the periodicity settings.) If you have seven nodes that are not periodic, check their part names (perhaps a few points or a short curve segment is in the wrong part). You may just need to change part on those elements to proceed. You may as well also change the part of the underlying entities.

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