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aloesch July 6, 2009 19:27

Workbench non-manifold body
I am attempting to make a CFD mesh in Workbench. In the DesignModeler, I import my igs surface body and create a primitive prism. When I try to do a Boolean subtract of the surface body from the solid prism, the operation fails with a "Error: Operation would result in non-manifold bodies." What exactly does this mean, and what type of corrective action can/should I implement?

PSYMN July 7, 2009 10:39

Baffles me.
DesignModeler does not yet support the subtraction of a surface from a solid (aka, a baffle). This is coming at 12.1 (due out in Q4 2009).

If your surface body was actually supposed to be a closed solid, you will need to sew it into a solid first. Then subtract the solid from the primative solid.

If you were trying to have a baffle, you have several options. You could use it to completely chop the primative solid; you will need add some other surfaces to make the segmentation complete and then adjust the contact to block flow only along your baffle… I haven’t actually done that myself, but I heard it was possible. Another option is to extrude the zero thickness wall into a thin wall. You can then subtract this thin solid from the primative solid. This may better reflect your actual model, but the thin edge may raise your mesh count and/or reduce your quality.


Wiki July 3, 2013 19:05

Non-manifold bodies

I have made a wind turbine model but in ANSYS design modellor, I am constantly receiving an error message "operation results in non-manifold bodies". Could anyone suggest me a remedial action? Thank you

diamondx July 4, 2013 15:40

is it during the boolean operation ?

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