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Harald D July 7, 2009 05:07

3D Boundary Layer Laminar and Turbulent meshing
Hi all

I'm working on a flow around a car with both a laminar and a turbulent boundary layer. I did some wind tunnel tests to get to know where transition is and now I'm making the mesh, using Gambit, for the CFD computations.

For the CFD computations I will model the laminar boundary layer as a laminar zone in Fluent. I was wondering if I had to make a separate volume, containing only the laminar boundary layer? Because Gambit can only make zones from volumes.

Or is there an other way or program (ICEM or T-grid) which can convert the boundary layers, both laminar and turbulent, made in Gambit into zones?


-mAx- July 7, 2009 06:20

For the laminar zone, you have to isolate this volume from the others.
If you create a BL, then you won't be able to set this region as laminar.
So you need (as you said) to make a separate volume.Then go to Zone panel (the one near the BC panel).
Then choose the volume and set it as zone. That's it from the gambit's side

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