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moca July 7, 2009 08:41

"run out of memory"
Hi every body,
I try to meshing "wind turbine" using ICEM CFD. But when I doing meshing process I get message " run out memory.........". My computer have 3 GB memory RAM. I try to make "max size" from "part mesh set up" more bigger but i get it message again. What happen friend??? Any suggestion about this?? I use volume meshing, tetrahedron. Thank you

PSYMN July 8, 2009 06:23

32 Bit?
If you are on a 32 bit machine, you are limited to 2Gig per process regardless of how many Gig memory you have. For ICEM CFD Octree Tetra, that tops you out at about 12 million tetras. (Due to memory improvements, this goes up to 16 or 18 million for the 12.1 release).

Check you mesh sizes, particularly your minimum sizes to see if you have meshed the model too finely...

Perhaps just ratchet up your Global Element Scale Factor (the first option under the Mesh Tab => Global Mesh Size) to a larger number than 1. This scales up all the sizes in your model. If you set this to 5 and get a model of 10 million cells, then you know you would have got a much much larger mesh with this set to 1...

If you need to mesh larger models (12 million to over a billion tetras) you will need a 64 bit machine.

moca July 8, 2009 09:50

Thank you Mr. Simon Pereira,
I need your information again. Why when I change scale factor and max element more bigger i always get information at operation progress that when operation progress 28% always there is 1.000.000 tetrahedron. I my mind when I change "scale factor" or "max element" more bigger , when operation progress 28% it should be less than 1.000.000 element. Yes I use 32 bit machine. For information, finally I use "scale factor = 25" in global mesh set up. In part mesh set up i use "max size = 10", "height = 1.2, "height ratio = 1,1, "tetra size ratio = 1.3. Until now when i meshing my model I always get information "run out of memory......". Any suggestion, so I can meshing my model with my computer (memory RAM = 1 GB) . Thank you every body

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