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lost.identity July 12, 2009 15:05

Issues in making a surface
I have a very high aspect ratio geometry to make. I am trying to create a surface on one side of this geometry and I can't seem to get it right.

The dimensions of this face are: length = 20,000 mm and width is 0.02 mm. So it's a stupidly large aspect ratio.

When I create the surface I set the tolerance to 0.01 (default) and then select the four curves that defines the face. However when I create the surface it only covers part of the face.

Anyone got any ideas on how to solve this? I'm thinking of dividing this face into smaller faces so it will have a smaller aspect ratio.


PSYMN July 13, 2009 20:50

If the 4 curves are touching at the ends, the tolerance doesn't matter (it is to make up for gaps).

If selecting all 4 curves gives you trouble, it could be an orientation problem or something...

Try just selecting the two long curves and it will just stretch a surface between them... If the side surfaces are straight, it should be fine.

If not, then perhaps a screen shot would help us help you...

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