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ali987 July 20, 2009 14:50

Mesh Generation Output Format
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a software which be capable of making hybrid meshes and it can export meshing information in a straight forward format (i want to call this output file in matlab). and another important thing... it also specify "local number" and "global number" of nodes. does ANSYS do these?


PSYMN July 20, 2009 15:35

ICEM CFD is famous for its flexible output
ICEM CFD supports hybrid meshing and can output in over 100 formats. It is likely that one of those formats will be in a format you could use.

For more specifics on these output formats...

And got to the Output interfaces... At the bottom of that page you will find a table of supported solvers.

You can click on each of these to get info about the format.

Have fun.

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