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fabioacfoz August 6, 2009 14:48

Solidworks + CFX - Mesh

What is the best form os defining regions in a solidworks drawing?

What im trying to do is the same commando as the Extrude-> Imprint Face of the Design Modeler but i cant find a similar command in Solidworks? Anyone can help me?


AdidaKK August 11, 2009 23:13

you dont find the extrude operation in solidworks?

fabioacfoz August 12, 2009 10:13

yes, but in solidworks, extrude only add or remove material. The option Imprint Faces is not avaliable. There is a feature that creates a surface from a sketch, but if you use it, cfx-mesh cant open the geometry file :(

fabioacfoz August 12, 2009 10:19

In fact, many people i know use extrude with 1mm depth, only to demarcate a region, but this gives too much problem with the mesh, bcause mesh will be to refined in that region and i wanted just a roght mesh

AdidaKK August 12, 2009 15:26

ohh i see ,sorry man i didint use desing modeler, just for combine solid bodies and make it one before enter to the cfx-mesh. and i understend very well thats extruction of 1mm..i have in my model 832 louvers(in a can combustor) with only 3mm! mesh its of 1.7millions of elements :(

but you want to create a surface? frome a sketch? solidworks has that operation..go to Insert->surface-> and then you have allot of options to create a surface.

do you have any experience with cfx-mesh? im really having a problem with the mesh.

best regards:D

AdidaKK August 12, 2009 15:28

ohhh...if you use the surface operation in solidworks, cfx-mesh cant open the geometry?:eek:

fabioacfoz August 13, 2009 10:19

No, cfx-mesh wont read the geometry if you use surface operations in solidwokrs. I found that split line can do this, but slip line command cant be patterned!

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