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alastormoody11 August 12, 2009 09:48

problem in creating parts in ICEM
I am trying to mesh an airfoil geometry with a shape of the farfield as shown in the following link. Even though I made the parts before loading the mesh. Whenever i attempt to give boco before translation all the farfield boudaries get clubbed together in one part instead of three which I made

PSYMN August 13, 2009 09:04

Bocos are applied to the element in each "part".

The geometry is in those parts, but it sounds like you loaded the mesh instead of generating it on those parts... When generating a mesh in ICEM CFD, it will be created in the part of the entities it is associated with... if you are loading a mesh, you may need to associate it...

Check you mesh to see if it is in the parts you want it to be in... If it is not, go to the Edit Mesh tab = Repair Mesh => and find the option (2nd row) for associating mesh with geometry... You could also do in manually by right clicking on the parts in the model tree and "add to part" then select the elements you want to put into each part.

Since this is a 2D case, you will need to put the line elements around the perimeter into the specific parts you want so that you can apply different bocos to each one.

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