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Suzzn August 14, 2009 10:33

Replace the geometry for an existing mesh in ICEM CFD
Hello everybody,

i am trying to simulate the flow past an oblate ellipsoid with ANSYS CFX. I have all the meshing files (.atr, .blk, .cfx5, .fbc, .par, .prj, .tin, .uns) for the simulation. But now i want to change the size of the ellipsoid. As its not possible to create an ellipse in ICEM i created the new geometry with GAMBIT and exported the geometry-file (Export Geometry-> ACIS) and imported it into ICEM. Is there a possibility for ICEM to use the old mesh-files in combination with a new geometry?:confused:

PSYMN August 16, 2009 15:40

Yes, certainly...

Create a new project with the new geometry and give it the same part names. You can cut and past all the parameters from the old tetin file to the new ones. Then load the previous blocking file and associate it to the new geometry...

If you had a parametric model, you could just update the blocking and everything would jump into place automatically, but for a totally different file, you will need to manually associate it...

On the other hand, if all you are doing is changing the size of your ellipse, you could just go back to your original geometry and scale it up... Then update your blocking without any extra work...

Jules September 7, 2009 17:59

Ellipse in ICEM
There is in fact an easy way to create an ellipse in ICEM:
Create a circle and scale it in one direction -> perfect ellipse. Rotate as desired for aligning the major and minor axes they way you want them :-)
All you need to know is some basic mathematical formulas describing you ellipse, so as to know how much to scale it.

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