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adam2008 August 20, 2009 16:00

how to split hex mesh in icem with desired height?
I have a hex mesh generated by another mesh generator and I successfully imported it into icem. I want to split the boundary elements into 5-6 layers with controlled thickness.
In icem, I found there is "split edge" function. But I can only split with split ratio. Is there any way I can split mesh with controlled thickness?

Thanks a lot for any advice

PSYMN August 21, 2009 09:13

Many Tools
Hey Adam,

Are you talking about a mesh level or blocking level split?

If you have converted your imported mesh to blocking and want to split an Ogrid edge, just split it anywhere and then go to “Edit Blocks => Modify Ogrid” and then “Rescale Ogrid” with “Absolute Distance”.

If you really just want to split a block with an “Absolute” distance, you can choose that from the pull down under “Split Method”.

Move Vertices also has an option to “Set Edge Length”.

One last thought… If you want 5 layers in your boundary layer… Don’t put in a bunch of splits. Put in one split and then use Edge Parameters to set up your 5 layers on that index.

adam2008 August 21, 2009 20:04

Many thanks for your advice. But my mesh is actually imported from a CFX def file and only has mesh node/element data without block information, even though the mesh was originally generated using a multi-block O-topology by another grid generator.

So the entire "blocking" menu was disabled in my case after mesh being imported. As i said in my first post, I was trying to use "split mesh" under "edit mesh". But I can only split mesh with controlled split ratio (I want to split mesh with certain height). Any idea I can do it in icem-cfd or even gambit?

Thanks again!

PSYMN August 27, 2009 14:59

Convert to Blocking...
Yea, we don't have that control for splitting elements... At least not at 12.0. At 12.1, the Redistribute Prism command works with an imported mesh, and that allows you to control the initial height or ratio. But that won't be out for a few months. I am interested in testing with your model to be sure it will work in 12.1...

However, In the mean time, If you can run ICEM CFD Hexa, you can always convert mesh to blocking in ICEM CFD (File => Blocking => Load from unstructured Mesh).

Then you can do anything you want at the blocking level.

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