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zmester September 12, 2009 10:28

How can i read mesh files made with ICEM? I want use them for my own code

Theres 2 type of mesh files in ICEM CFD as i know. .uns for unstructured, .domain for structured grids. I want to open them for my cfd code but i cant. I get with notepad a text with stange charachters. Until i cant read them, i do not able to interpret them:(. Is there anyone who know how to open them, or one who know the structure of these files?
(Not only the domain file belongs to the structured grid but a .blk file that i can read, but i also cannot interpret them)
Thanks for your respond!

Ludvik September 12, 2009 12:03

zmester September 12, 2009 14:04

Thanks! Its quite an extensive description. I hope i have patience to find out their structure.

PSYMN September 14, 2009 09:15

ASCII vs. Binary
Those links only include info for the Tetin file, blocking file, etc. These are all ASCII files and can be read with a text browser.

In Zoltan is asking about mesh files, those are binary files that cannot be read with a Text editor. If he has access to ICEM CFD, he could open those file and then export them in an ASCII format like Fluent or Nastran…


mechovator September 14, 2009 11:45

Dear Save the file as this will give you data in nodepad of the nodes and elements. From where you can use it in FEAp or any other program u like.

PSYMN September 14, 2009 11:55

further explanation.
Mechovator is suggesting you output it as an ANSYS mesh input file... This is similar to the suggestion of outputting it as a Nastran or Fluent MSH file, except that the ANSYS input file format is designed for FEA codes. Because of the way the FEA codes apply bocos, you will find an ANSYS input file is much larger than the same mesh output to Fluent format. It is also more difficult to read (from a CFD user point of view).

If you are developing a CFD code, then I suggest using a popular CFD output format like Fluent msh or CGNS for optimal performance. Both of these formats are also supported by ANSYS Meshing and many other comercially avialble meshing tools, giving added flexibility to your tool.

I should also add that you can use the ICEM CFD translators in batch mode to convert the UNS or domain files to the format of your choice. Do it once thru the GUI to see where the files are and what commands are needed (listed in the message window). You can also learn more about the options for each specific interface here...

The link at the bottom of that page takes you to a table of specific formats to choose from.


Ludvik September 14, 2009 11:58

How to read/write *.uns (binary) mesh file for any format:
Libraries > Output Libraries > Domain (Native Mesh) Library Description

Better ways are:
- ASCII format: Simon recommendation
- Binary format: through CGNS format (, neutral mesh format

zmester October 9, 2009 15:32

Thanks for all help!

Finally i managed to export mesh in .msh format easily from ICEM, after some seminar in the University. I have also put my OpenGL based MESHVIEWER software(writen in JAVA) to my homepage. You can visualize .msh (tested on certain versions, and some meshes of TGrid, Gambit,ICEM) meshes with it. Please visit my site, because I would like to see that not I am the only person who visit the site.:(
A matrix inverter java applet can be found too here. (good for matrices with arbitrary size, but over 10x10 becomes extremly slow)

PSYMN October 10, 2009 21:28

I checked it out and it worked on several files for me...

Your file filter only let me see or select .msh files though.

Now you need to work on being able to filter by element types, cut planes, etc.;)

Some more English on your site would help also... Most of the worlds engineering is done in English.


zmester October 11, 2009 07:18

You are right, I just made this mesh viewer to be sure i can read the mesh for my own cfd code. I uploaded it to my page, but i forgot to change the language to english in the matrix inverter application. And actually i able filter element types, etc, because different things(diff. element types, boundaries..) in the .msh file are grouped, and i conserved this grouping.

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