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hsn September 16, 2009 13:29

mesh for fluent 12
dear friends,
i am a user of CFX11 and fluent6.3
recently i have managed to install the new product of ansys
ansys 12
in this version fluent is embeded in the workbench, i tried to solve a simple model using this. the CFX was like previous, but the fluent is not. the mesh which i had created in the CFX-Mesh will come in the fluent but the boundaries spesified by the name 2d region in the CFX mesh, do not apear in the fluent.
my question is:
can we generate mesh with CFX Mesh for fluent?
so how should i spesify the boundaries?

thank you.

Maldoror September 16, 2009 17:19

Geomety 2D in ANSYS 12.0
I am working with ANSYS 12.0. I made a 2D geometry in the application DesignModeler, but when I load the geometry in the Meshing application, see "? geometry" in the outline tree.
How do I make a 2D geometry?
"I do so that the geometry is identified by the Meshing application?
Thank you.

hsn September 16, 2009 18:35

as I know, CFX do not have a 2D solver, so CFXMesh do not have 2D tools either. but what the users do is that they model a thin layer of their 2D shape.
in this way the geometry will be identified.

PSYMN September 17, 2009 14:42

Named selections.
Take a look on the ANSYS website...

You can find a number of recorded webinars, demos, etc. that show the workbench process with Fluent.

Watching one of those should answer this question for you.

(named selections is the key)

If you have access to the customer portal, you can also find recorded tutorials.

PSYMN September 17, 2009 14:54

devil is in the details
As for Maldoror,

He isn't trying to use CFX mesh, just regular ANSYS mesh.

The Geometry should be a 2D surface body (or bodies), in the XY plane (Z = 0). You can create it in DM or import it from your CAD package.

If you get to the mesh app and see a question mark infront of the surface body branch of the tree, it means there is something wrong with the details. Click on the Surface Body branch and then look down in the details panel... The problem row will be highlighted in yellow. It may be something as simple as a missing material property

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