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ibex7 September 17, 2009 21:47

How to halve geometry
Hello everyone. I have a full 3D geometry in Gambit and I need to halve it to save the iteration time in FLUENT12. Could someone please tell me is there any tutorial on this? Another factor for this request is that I always face Gambit "out of memory error" while meshing although I'm using x64 Windows with 7GB of ram. Thank you.

-mAx- September 18, 2009 02:48

*you have to split your domain along a symmetry plane, there are 2 cases:
-your volume is real, then no problem while splitting volume with surface
-your volume is virtual, then I recommend you to divide your volume from your cad soft (else youu will have to spend more time)

* gambit on XP (even on 64bit architecture) is only a 32bit application, the only 64bit version of gambit is on linux

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