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kezman September 22, 2009 09:49

Export geometry in workbench from simulation.

Is it possible to export a geometry from a simulation file, because I can't find it. The geometry is nowhere else, so I need to export it from the simulation file.

Thank you in advance


PSYMN October 14, 2009 14:06

Not possible
Sorry, this is not yet possible. Because Simulation has no geometry creation or modification tools of its own, most users already have the model they brought in and wouldn't need to export it.

Why do you need to? Just got someone elses .dsdb and want to use the geometry for something else?

DM or ICEM CFD can export geometry ... For instance, you could read this Simulation geometry into ICEM CFD (via the workbench readers) and then write out a Parasolid or IGES file. Or you could surface mesh it and write out the mesh and then convert that to an STL file...

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