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fael097 September 27, 2009 14:30

positioning points inside a triangle
hello people, i'm a 3d modeler and animator, and i have a question regarding triangles.

this is a polyomavirus,
it has a icosahedral geometry and 72 capsomeres (the flower things) arranged on its triangles, like this picture:
if i pick a triangle, i can see that it has one capsomere in each vertex and three arranged inside the polygon. my question is how to properly arrange these 3 capsomeres in each triangle. if you take a closer look at the picture, you'll notice that each vertex' capsomere has 5 others capsomeres around it, and the other capsomeres (those arranged inside the triangles) have 6 others. they have to be distanced equally from all the capsomeres surrounding them.

capsomeres are positioned closer to one end of the edge than the other, but it's a question of rotation, not mirroring. the structure is a perfect icosahedron, and the three dimensional structure doesnt matter, it's all about the triangle

thank you in advance!

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