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hodeje01 October 5, 2009 22:19

2-D Design Modeler Geometry - Ansys 12.0
I'm trying to make a simple 2D geometry in design modeler of a straight pipe (with a wall, symmetry, velocity inlet, pressure outlet). I create the four edges and surface and name them accordingly. Then I use the regular mesh within Workbench and eventually open it in fluent, but my boundary shows up as one object (instead of one wall, a symmetry, inlet, and outlet). How do I fix this? (I've tried freezing edges before adding new ones, so they don't join together, but I've had problems so far.)

Jiuan October 6, 2009 16:31

Try named selections.

PSYMN October 7, 2009 10:42

How to..
Right click on the edge of the surface and use the pull down to apply a named selection...

Type in the new name and then hit Generate...

You can do these in DM or in ANSYS Meshing (or upstream in the CAD), but where ever you do it, make sure these are passed to the mesher.

The mesher will assign the nodes and elements to these names selections so you can assign bocos for your solver.


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