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zhaohui October 6, 2009 17:32

Please help a mesh problem

I used ICEM to creat a mesh for a gas filter. Basically it has lots of pipe-in-pipe structures and it costs me, a new user of ICEM, long time to creat a hex mesh.

But when I output the mesh to fluent, fluent indicates it has an error. The warning message is "no face for a node, centeroid xc=-0.54,yc=-0.59,zc=-0.54".

Anyone know what causes this problem? How should I correct it?

Thanks a lot!


rwryne October 7, 2009 07:39

Try this:

Under the Edit Mesh tab, click the "Check Mesh" option (shows a grid with a check mark)

Run that with its default settings before exporting your mesh and see if htat fixes your problem.

PSYMN October 7, 2009 10:38

Uncovered faces...
Fluent requires that the volumes be surrounded by shells so it can hang bocos on them. (CFX can close them off for you).

My guess is that you have some "uncovered faces" somewhere. There is a check for this under the Edit Mesh => Check Mesh.

To fix it at the blocking level, find the face and associate it with the adjacent surface.

zhaohui October 7, 2009 16:33

Thank you so much, Ryne!


zhaohui October 7, 2009 16:34

Thank you so much, Simon and Ryne! I will try your suggestions right now.

Thanks again!


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