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hashem_1064 October 7, 2009 15:29

Gambit extracting & ICEM
Hi all,

Simulating flow around a complex body I need to extract the body from a domain, but Gambit cant do that, I suppose it might be related to geometry crumps. Firstly does any body have any idea how I should do this? and secondly since one suggestion could be using ICEM, i have a Q about that. is it necessary to extract the body from domain in ICEM?
(the problem is 3D type)

thanks alot :)

PSYMN October 21, 2009 14:06

Surface based modeler doesn't need to extract bodies...
ICEM CFD is a surface based tool (doesn't need solid bodies), so you shouldn't have any trouble with this.

You just create material points to mark the flow domains and you probably can go right to meshing without any geometry repair...

This is a significant ICEM CFD advantage.


-mAx- October 22, 2009 02:19

From the Gambit side, you need to play with Boolean Operations (Substrac Volume in your case). But it is necessary that the volumes are still real ones.

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