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fahad October 8, 2009 19:16

I am relatively new to CFD. I used ICEM before but it takes time and i cant seem to remove my mistakes in it. Now I was interested in using pointwise, which is easier but will take even more time.
Before starting that I have a question for Tgrid:
I have 3d geometry of aircraft. If i have it in STL format can i import into Tgrid and automatically generate a 3d mesh around it. I am only interested in getting its Cl and Cd from all this exercise and than i have to move onto other things.

So is it possible? if not why? if yes in which steps should i proceed?

PSYMN October 12, 2009 09:33

TGrid does Tetra/Prism/Hexa core mesh (although they are working on a cutcell mesher)...

TGrid does work with faceted data (exclusively actually), but there is a step where you must extract features (sharp edges) before you can use their shinkwrapper (TGrid is usually a volume mesher, but uses the shrinkwrapper to generate surface mesh).

In my opinion, you should give ICEM CFD another crack. ICEM CFD can more easily extract the features (use build topology) and then just run octree tetra/prism. If you are having trouble editing the mesh afterward, perhaps we can help you thru that. Once you get past the learning curve, you will find it is nice and quick.

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