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cfxicem October 12, 2009 07:29

ICEM hexa mesh built with v10 deformed in v11 (degenerated edges)

I am experiencing some problems with a hexa mesh that was built with ICEM 10... When opening it in ICEM 11 it tells me about some degenerated edges. It looks quite strange (odd angles, mesh lines crossing non-fluid-domain-space etc. when everything should be normal as it was in ICEM 10), some associations are changed to other vertices. While I was able to correct faulty associations I am not able to correct the deformed mesh (e.g. lines that meet at one point and disperse afterwards when they should be completely parallel). The problems apeared partly after correcting the associations and partly they were present even before.

Unfortunately I don't have a ICEM 10 available to do the work, so I'm hoping to repair everything in ICEM 11 - can anyone help me?


PSYMN October 14, 2009 15:06

Group curves
I would bet several shiny pennies that your problem is curve grouping...

You have one edge assigned to a curve that was grouped in 10 and is not grouped now. THis causes all the nodes to bunch up...

Under Blocking associations, you can group the curves to match the edges and your problems will go away...

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