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bob12 October 13, 2009 02:56

how mwsh a connect cylinder
hi all,
i have a problem with a 3d mesh; i have two volume in my geometry the first is a cylinder and the second is another cylinder when the first is partially connect. i have connect the common face, and now when i'm going to mesh the first don't have problem but the second signal me error if use a cooper mesh. so what i do for mesh this second cylinder if i want mesh with cooper mesh system?

thank you for the attention

-mAx- October 13, 2009 04:10

*what do you mean with partially connect?
*what's the matter if you delete all the meshes and you try to mesh the second cylinder first?
*a picture of your 2 cylinders may help

bob12 October 13, 2009 07:36

1 Attachment(s)
this is the picture

Attachment 1249

-mAx- October 13, 2009 08:07

according to your schema, B isn't a cylinder.
Anyway, you may split your volume B with a plane (same location as the surface you mentionned). Take care that plane split all the volume, the split operation should give you 2 volumes: a real volume (left from the split-plane) and a annular cylinder (right from split plane).
Then for successfull meshing, you have to mesh in this order: cylinder A, annular cylinder, then B cylinder with taking all the right surfaces (already meshed) as source.

bob12 October 13, 2009 08:39

thank you for the answer i will try to do same as you indicate.
i have a another question after the mesh, will i go to connect the volume?
if no, are sufficient only two boundary condiction 1 flow in(for cylinder A) and 1 flow out (for anular volume create to split cylinder B) for all volume,that are three now?

-mAx- October 13, 2009 10:18

if you did the split as I mentionned, the volumes shoud be connected.
The BC you need to define, are the one for the entire domain (so don't look after subvolumes)

bob12 October 14, 2009 09:31

hi all
i try to do as you indicate, and it is all ok. i have a question if before i split the volume B , after i don't turn out connect the volume B with A.
also if i connect the volume A and B after i can't split volume B because the connection is a virtual with a t-junction.

-mAx- October 15, 2009 02:28

try to restart from beginning, and just split your volume, with the adequate plane.
Gambit should create 3 connected volumes

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