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insaneflyz October 16, 2009 10:20

[Gambit] External 3D boundary layer mesh
This is not a new problem in this forum but I have been unable to find any working solution.

I have a 3D model and I need to place an external boundary layer mesh around it. However, Gambit always points the boundary layer into the model or along the face of the model.

Please help here.

Thank you

-mAx- October 19, 2009 01:46

while choosing surface/edge, if you continue clicking on the same entity you can specify the orientation of the BL.
from gambit-help:
"When you add an edge to the Picked scroll list by means of the right-arrow command button, GAMBIT adds the edge to the Edge column and automatically includes one of its associated faces in the Face column. (The face defines the direction of the boundary layer.) If you add the same edge again to the Picked scroll list, GAMBIT creates a second entry for the edge in the Edge column and includes another of its associated faces in the Face column. When the Face column includes all faces associated with a given edge, GAMBIT removes that edge from the Available column"

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