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deamitdehoa October 17, 2009 14:50

ICEM Inflation Problems
Hi everybody. I have a question about the edge parameters option in the pre-mesh-parameters menu in ICEM. When I change the parameters for one edge to get an inflation and copy the parameters to all parallel edges and recalculate the sizes of the elements nothing seems to happen to the pre-mesh. It still contains 8 nodes which means the initial block. Without updating I can view the changes in the pre-mesh but they dont seem to have an impact on the existing mesh. How can I do that?:confused:

PSYMN October 19, 2009 21:58

I am not 100% clear on where the problem is...

Are you saying the premesh doesn't recompute? Have you right clicked on premesh to choose the recompute option... Usually you can just turn it on and off again, but sometimes a recompute is needed.

If you right click on edges, you can display the bunching... Does that change? If not, perhaps you are not properly applying your edge parameter changes, or perhaps you didn't select the edge properly (I have seen new users do that regularly).

It sounded a bit like you were talking about the unstructured mesh (existing mesh)... if so, please understand that the blocking and unstructured mesh are separate layers of data. Changing something at the blocking level will affect the premesh, but not the unstructured mesh until you use the premesh to convert to unstructured and replace the unstructured mesh...

If I am not getting it, please try again to elaborate on the problem...

deamitdehoa October 20, 2009 05:23

thx for your reply! i already fixed that problem. im new to that software and i didnt know that the blocking and the unstructured mesh are different things. i thought i have to update the sizes in the meshing parameters in order to get my desired inflation :o and wondered why the number of nodes / elements didnt change. it cost me 2 days of my precious time to find that out :).

PSYMN October 20, 2009 09:33

Yea, I wish we could do free training for everyone... Or better yet, that everyone could afford training. That would cut down on a lot of frustrated users. If that is an option for you, please try it. It will be well worth your time.

In the mean time, you can access the the online tutorials in the customer portal and/or see the movies in the ANSYS demo room (

I have been told that we will soon begin posting many of these 12.1 demos on youtube so that more people can find them.

Best regards,


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