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Attesz October 19, 2009 04:56

Geometry cleaning to use a multidomain simulation
Hi all,

I want to simulate a centrifugal compressor as frozen rotor. I've imported the geometry to ICEM-CFD, and at the interfaces I've got multiple faces. One belongs to the inlet and the other one to the rotor domain. The faces overlapping each other. I think, i should to delete one of the faces to avoid errors in CFX, right?

Thank you, best regards,

PSYMN October 20, 2009 09:38

Yes. One is enough.
Yes, if they represent just one interface between volumes, delete one, particularly if using ICEM CFD Tetra. Otherwise some boundary elements will be in one part or the other and you will get a patch work boundary.

If using hexa, you can control projection better and cause the mesh to ignore one surface and associate completely to the other, but even then it may be easier to just delete one.


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