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holyo October 19, 2009 05:21

[ICEM] How can I increase the size of the letter?
Hello, I´m starting to use ICEM CFD, my first problem: the letter of the main menu (file, edit,view...) and the main toolbar (geometry,mesh...) is too small, can I change it?

Thank you.

PSYMN October 20, 2009 09:40

It uses the font sizes of your system...

If you adjust your system font sizes, the ICEM CFD sizes will keep up...

It used to also use colors, etc. but that caused too many issues with people who had white system text.

holyo October 22, 2009 12:21

I changed the size in my font sizes system...I could increase the size of the letters in my icons, window´s menu... but in the ICEM doesn´t change it.

PSYMN October 22, 2009 12:23

I will look into it...
OK, what is your OS (WIndows XP, Redhat 64, etc?). I will look into it.


holyo October 22, 2009 14:29

Windows vista.

Thank you

PSYMN November 4, 2009 11:49

How to change the text size in ICEM CFD
1 Attachment(s)
Alright, I guess due to problems we had with system text (particularly white system text), we now control the text.

For the message window, you can adjust the size with this replay file (or just type it in the message window). Note the line with the # is to turn it back again, just move the hash mark to the other “set use_font” lins… This is not saved with the settings, so you will need to do it each time… Or just restart to reset the normal text size.

global mess_frame bigfont normalfont
set use_font $bigfont
# set use_font $normalfont
$mess_frame.text configure -font $use_font

If you want to change the GUI (menu’s, DEZ, etc.) you will need to change the file:


I attached the changed file. If you want to change back to our normal font you can change line 122 (in the changed file) from:

if 0 {


if 1 {

It is always a good idea to save the original file before overwriting this file. Again, I recommend the ml.exe editor for playing with these tcl code files.

Have fun.;)

holyo November 9, 2009 12:30

So many thanks¡¡ I changed the file, and the size of the letter increased.

Thank you, you´re the best¡¡

PSYMN November 9, 2009 21:52

I changed mine too while figuring this out, but I really don't like the large bold print. I will change it back as soon as I can find the time... ;)

PSYMN November 30, 2012 12:27

Just an FYI... I got some question about if this builder.tcl file was still good for R14... I just tested it and got no errors... But just to be safe, if you replace your file, always rename the old one (like builder_original14.tcl) just in case you want to go back.

But for anyone with a text editor, you can dig thru the file and pretty easily figure out what it does. You can replace the $normalfont with $bigfont or $boldfont or any of the variables you see at the start.

This file has the "DefaultFont" set to $bigfont


set GUIDisplayData("DefaultFont") $bigfont
And it has the "TabFont", "MenuFont" "MenuBarFont" "DEZTitleFont" "LabelFont" "EntryFont" "ButtonFont" "CheckButtonFont" "RadioButtonFont" "BubbleFont" and a few more set to $bigfont.

You can even custom define the fonts if you like...


set GUIDisplayData("ButtonFont") [font create -family Helvetica -size 8 -weight normal]

You can also set options like "LabelJustify" "TextEntryWidth", etc.

You will also see that you can set the sizes based on the "Select Icon Size" Display setting... Maybe you want to make the large text only appear if someone sets the ICONS to Huge... (I should have done it that way).

The ICEM CFD UI is tcl code and very very flexible. :cool:

Alhasan September 5, 2013 20:26

Hey guys,
I have similar problem of Size being too small in Ubuntu 12.04 and i also had to install Xfonts 75dpi and 100dpi to get it working

so any wise suggestions so that i can see what i am even clicking on ICEM

Thanks for your time

Hasan K.J

krainly November 5, 2014 01:02


Originally Posted by PSYMN (Post 235651)
I changed mine too while figuring this out, but I really don't like the large bold print. I will change it back as soon as I can find the time... ;)

hi, I solved the problem ,many thanks. I do not like "large bold",and can you tell me how to change the font.
Thank you.I am sorry for my poor English.

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