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siw October 19, 2009 09:27

[ICEM] Boundary layer meshes on corners help
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Attached is an image taken from the ICEM v12 Help Manual page 273 and shows a 2D boundary layer attached to different corner angles. The corner type of most interest to me has been highlighted in the image.

How can I get my boundary layer mesh to look like this? Because I also have a 2D geometry and I'm getting a poorly structured mesh at the corners even though my element sizes are of a reasonable size. And therefore I have to manually mainpulate the mesh (delete / create / move / merge points / line / elements) to get the mesh shown in the image.

The same help is also needed for the 90° corner shown in the lower right hand corner of the image.

Surely, something as simple as this should be auto generated by ICEM?


PSYMN October 20, 2009 13:20

Max Prism Angle.
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I think you are asking about Max Prism Angle, under global prism settings…

Unfortunately, it is a global setting, so I can tell you how to get what you want at the top, but then you won’t get the stair stepping at the bottom.

Mesh Tab => Global Mesh Setup => Prism Meshing parameters, and set the max prism angle to greater than that angle between the two curves… The default is 180, which should cover it. You must currently have it set to less than 90, which is why the prism layers don't attach at the bottom.

I wasn’t quite clear on the shape of your geometry, so I did it two ways and will post the image here… If you really wanted the Stairstep, we could do it by making the last little section in a different part without prism growing from it and setting the angle to <180.

siw October 20, 2009 16:05

I'll play around with that parameter and see what happens. I deliberately did not put include an image of my model as this is a public forum.

Thanks once again PSYMN. It's invaluable having an ICEM guy here to help out.

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