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siw October 28, 2009 10:13

[ICEM] Replay & Formatted Point Datafile queries

I have a datafile with many point co-ordinates in it that defines my geometry.

But because the points define various features of the geometry I'd like to put in it some headers or comments so it others can see what they are used for.

Can headers / comments be put in a formatted point data file? Is there a special character (such as % in MATLAB) that must be put at the start of each line?

Also can commented text be put into a replay file?


siw October 29, 2009 09:13

The # character is needed at the start of each commented line.

Thanks to PSYMN for the answer.

I've responded in case others would like to know.

PSYMN November 3, 2009 19:05

# this is a comment.
Thanks SIW, that is right.

For scripting, use the # mark to make notes in TCL scripting.

# this is a comment

You can use these comments in scripts or replay.

If you use the ml editor (get it from the web), everything (including comments in replay files) is color coded for you, which helps.

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