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famarcfd October 31, 2009 06:08

Hybrid mesh with GRIDGEN
Hi all,

I'm trying to mesh a 2D hybrid grid with Gridgen.I have a circle with a hole inside and I need to extrude from the inner circle with structured grid due to the boundary layer conditions, than I need to mesh unstructured until the outer circle.After extrusion,when meshing unstructured I select the outer circle as outer edge and the outer connector of the structured mesh (obtained by the extrusion method) as second edge, an error message apperas showing "the beginning and ending nodes of this domain differ by 1.7500e+000, and hence,the domain may not yet be saved."

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance

jchawner November 1, 2009 15:03

Hi famarcfd.

The message you're receiving is from the code that assembles a domain (surface mesh) from its perimeter. Because the perimeter has to be a closed loop, the warning says that the beginning of the loop and the end are 1.75 apart. Based on your description, you're trying to create an unstructured domain for a torus. That means the domain has two edges, an inner and an outer. So you'd create this domain by first selecting the outer loop perimeter, pressing the Next Edge button, and creating the inner loop from the outer edge of the extrusion. Also, in this case you need to be sure that the inner loop has the opposite direction of the outer loop.

I hope this helps. For more help contact our Tech Support Team at

famarcfd November 2, 2009 11:53

Hi Mr John Chawner,

Thanks for your very quick answer.Your suggestions were very useful to solve the problem.

Kind Regards

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