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makaero October 31, 2009 18:29

Help with 3dwing mesh
I have a wing in a box. to avoid complex mesh and to hav much grid density at LE and TE of wing, i wud like to divide the wing in many computational volumes and mesh the entire cuboid including wing.
how to do that....?
Is it necessary to hav a boundary layer over the wing for subsonic flow, inorder to calculate Cl and Cd?

Thanks a lot!

-mAx- November 3, 2009 02:33

if yes -->
You can divide your domain with split operations.
If your volume is stll real-volume, i twill be easy.
BL are not necessary, but for aero stuffs I would recommand to use them.

makaero November 3, 2009 15:26

Thnx Max...

yes iam using Gambit.
I got a coarse vol. mesh, the Cl obtained from the simulation using pre-farfield BC's was only 50% of wht it has to be. i gave the corect reference values.

so i was trying to do a good mesh by further dividing it, but the unstructured grid seems to be too complex. moreover for the nxt one i hav the wavy profile for LE of wing whch might be chalenging for me to mesh.

whts the way to get an optimum mesh on wing for external flow?
i need to calculate Cl, Cd and look for Cp distribution, Pre. contours and streamlines of flow.

(Using fluent and Gambit, i jst strted using it)

Thanx once again

-mAx- November 4, 2009 01:57

you can use the face scale tool (in Face/copy) it will create a bigger wing which should surround your actual one.
Then split your domain with this surface, it will create a subvolume (kind of very big BL) which should be meshed with hex.
Then in this subvolume, you attach a real BL, and you can mesh the rest of the domain with tetra-hexcore.
It should render your work a little more easier

makaero November 9, 2009 23:36

hi Max

I apoligize for late reply, do u hav any tutorial files, whch helps creating sub volume around wing and mesh the remaing domain wit hex-core...
if u hav, plz send it to

thnx a ton.

-mAx- November 10, 2009 02:12

There is no specific tutorial to your application.
Tutorial 3 (3. MODELING A THREE-PIPE INTERSECTION (3-D) ) may help you, using split tool.
This tutorial is in the help documentation, provided from Fluent-Gambit

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