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khimkhim November 1, 2009 03:01

Meshing 3D AHU room
Hi all,

I have an AHU room model to mesh. I'm constructing my model in unit meter. I'm currently using Gambit 2.3.16...

I've meshed all faces before i go to mesh volume as my senior advised me to mesh the faces first if there is memory problem.
I then use Tet/Hybrid element, type TGrid, interval size 0.1 to mesh the volume, but it said "ERROR: Unable to allocate 14425056 bytes of dynamics memory"
What does it mean by dynamics memory?
I'm running on Window XP Professional Service Pack 3, Intel Core2Quad 2.66 GHz, 3.25 GB DDR3 RAM.

Later on after i delete the volume mesh that partially created before the meshing process halt, i try again with the same settings. This time several faces contained highly skewed elements and 1 of the faces got error msg saying "Triangle surface meshing of face xxx failed", the whole meshing process was then terminated. I thought i already meshed all the faces, why it still need to mesh faces again when i mesh the volume? I have no idea how can i make the volume meshing workable on my model.

I need consultation, please !!!

Another thing, i was told with 2GB RAM, Gambit can mesh 0.5 million elements, then 3GB can mesh 1.8 million. But with the RAM i have now, it still terminate at 0.5M when i mesh a face. Why is that so? Or i've got the wrong message?

-mAx- November 3, 2009 02:36

Split your domain, and mesh subvolumes one by one. It will ask less memory

khimkhim November 4, 2009 10:36

How can i split the domain?
Do you mean mesh the volumes before i unite or subtract them?

-mAx- November 4, 2009 12:26

no. Before meshing use the split tools
Check the help

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