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naftalena November 3, 2009 23:15

drawing absorber in Gambit
im a beginner in CFD. i need help pls~ im working on absorber and need to draw absorber column using gambit..

for my case, the absorber is considered a cylinder with packing inside..i dont know how to draw the packing inside the absorber =( :confused:

anyone hv any suggestion on it?

-mAx- November 4, 2009 02:33

draw the packing, and then substract it from the cylinder

naftalena November 4, 2009 02:45

thanks max..

if i want to draw 2 inlet and 2 outlet, which gas inlet at the bottom, outlet at the top.. and liquid inlet at the top,outlet at the bottom. how to make sure they follow the correct path? because it seems that the gas exit at the liquid outlet..


-mAx- November 4, 2009 03:58

In fluent for multiphase, I think you can enforce the vof value at the outlet.
But I am not sure

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