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mactech001 November 5, 2009 03:19

cfx mesh problem...
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Hi all,

i'm trying to solve errors prompted by CFX-mesh during meshing. Each time i apply a point control on a location, CFX then prompts another meshing error at another location in the model, & goes on and on......

Is this error solving method that i'm doing normal??
is my CAD a problem?

The error message is shown below:

The volume mesher is unable to build an element from the current face, and cannot continue.
1) Check the quality of the surface mesh in this vicinity,
This can be achieved by viewing the Mesh before Inflation or the Inflated Front.
2) Check that the mesh spacing is less than the distance between neighbouring CAD faces.
3) If inflation is being used, try increasing the Minimum
Internal Angle. With extended inflation layers and curved surfaces an angle of > 15 degrees may be appropriate.
4) Try reducing the mesh spacing in this area by adding appropriate mesh controls and remeshing.
F3 coordinates
[ -1.2034E+02, -5.2754E+01, -1.8090E+02]
[ -1.2235E+02, -4.5121E+01, -1.8295E+02]
[ -1.2363E+02, -4.6705E+01, -1.8255E+02]
Current mesh spacing = 2.0000D+01

Please could anyone give some comments/suggetions?

i've attached a file that shows the one face CFX prompts to be in error, and the many point controls i've applied at different locations to solve the face meshing at different locations prompted by CFX.

Please help.

Thank you.


**using CFX v11, ANSYS WB v11

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