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meshinggod November 9, 2009 20:37

"Unit" the mesh of two volumes.GAMBIT
Hello everybody,

well as a "meshinggod" i usually have to know this, but at present i dont get along with my thesis. i work with gambit.

for description (example):
i have 2 seperated topological identical volumes, which i connecet with the command button "unit volumes - retain". now, i mesh this 2 volumes.

and now i need to know how to "unit" these meshes of these 2 volumes.

the sticking point is, that i have to define one volume as a fluid (to define it later as a porous zone in fluent).

if i read the mesh file up to fluent, there is no connectivity between the 2 volumes. so i cant simulate.

i need your help, please.

thanks in advance.

-mAx- November 10, 2009 02:20

if your volumes are connected, you don't have to unit the meshes (it will be done automatically)
If you want to set one volume (from the separated but connected volumes), you have to set it as separate fluid domain. (icon next to the BC's icon: specify continuum types), and choose Porous as Type.
Then in fluent, you will see your porous domain

meshinggod November 10, 2009 04:39


thanks for your efforts!

yes, i know how to defina a fluid zone in gambit.
well, so when i connet the two seperated volumes, i do this with the command --> "unit volumes-retain" or "split volumes-retain-connected".right???

then i mesh the two volumes consecutively.
my problem is now, that fluent "thinks" there is a wall at the face where the two volumes are connecet.

any idea?

-mAx- November 10, 2009 04:59

then your volumes aren't connected.
Try to pick one volume and move it somewhere.
If you can, then your volumes aren't connected.
To enforce face connection, you go to surface panel, then Connect, and you choose the 2 superposed surface
There is an icon for checking connectivity (bottom right, next to examine mesh) If you clik on it, you will see blue geometry. Connected entity can be recognized with pink color (interface)

meshinggod November 10, 2009 05:35

you are right, i can move the seperated volume.
i followed your instructions - i was on the surface panel, clicked the command button "unit faces", choose the 2 overlapping faces and clicked "apply".
but then comes the following command in the transcript window:
"ERROR: The requested operation cannot be performed because face face. xy has upper topology (it exists on a volume)."

-mAx- November 10, 2009 05:51

Not Unit Faces, but Connect Faces

meshinggod November 10, 2009 06:43

Yes, you are right!
Now it runs!!


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