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apantune November 10, 2009 06:34

Surface Mesh Display Limit
I would like to know the reason why ICEM limits the surface mesh display around 2 millions. Is it an way to avoid that the user have some graphical manipulation problems?


PSYMN November 11, 2009 23:14


Perhaps you could better explain (or post a screen shot) what you mean by "ICEM limits the surface mesh display [to] around 2 million"

Do you mean the warning that pops up before displaying larger numbers of elements?

The warning is to save you trouble if your display memory would have had trouble with that many cells. If you have more display capacity, you can change the threshold for this warning under <Settings => Display => Warn if Elements Displayed>

Other than that, there should be no ICEM CFD imposed limit. However, if you exceed your display capabilities you will get sluggish behavior, and if you get large enough, you may crash your machine (run out of memory).

Some scripting users have complained about this message when running ICEM CFD over night. They don't want any pop-ups to interfere with their run. You can turn off the display of shells completely in the same Settings => Display menu so that you won't even have to deal with this issue at all. Of course, if I am scripting ICEM CFD, I find that it is better to run it in Batch anyway (without the GUI).

PSYMN November 11, 2009 23:15

Just a warning.
Oh yea, I forgot to note, it is just a warning (not a limit). You can always proceed past it with a click.

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